Lush Snowman Kit*


I know I’m not the only one that gets somewhat obsessed with Lush’s holiday offerings. I’ve bought gallons of the Snow Fairy shower gel over the years, and this year, I’ve become somewhat infatuated with the Snowman Kit.


The kit contains three colours of bubble bar (white, black and orange) and you can sculpt away to your hearts content. It’s actually ridiculously fun, and it’s perfect if your get bored during bubble baths. Since the bubble bars have a slight tendency to crumble, this probably isn’t a shower-staple, but I could literally spend hours creating little characters. The scent of the snowman is absolutely divine – rather than a typical winter-y spice or peppermint, Lush have plumped for a mix of Bergamot and Sicilian Lemon essential oils which smells so gorgeously light and fresh. What I’m even more impressed by is the kit’s multi use – you can use it as soap, crumbed into a bath as a bubble bar and even as shampoo, although I would be careful using the coloured portions on hair, as the dye does tend to get everywhere.

The Snowman Kit costs £5.00 and is available here

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