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I just adore when something completely new and out of the ordinary comes through the door, and the Magicstripes brand is really coming up with some of my favourite innovative products. In addition to their iconic strips which completely open up eyes (you can read my review here) they have just brought out these awesome Lifting Collagen Masks which are really like nothing I’ve seen before!


Packaged in individual sachets are the masks which feel a bit like a gooey cloth chin sling. There’s no getting around the fact that they are hilarious looking! As funny as they are, the design means that the mask targets the lower jaw area, tightening everything up and giving you a refreshed look. The cloth of the mask has been infused with a cocktail of collagen, caffeine, vitamin C, vitamin E, macadamia nut oil and water, which helps to visibly lift, form and tighten the skin of the lower part of the face. The Lifting Collagen Mask is perfect to use before a big event, and to use, I just apply after cleansing. It feels gorgeously cool and refreshing to apply, and once I’d popped it on, I all but forgot about it. It’s best to leave the mask on for as long as possible, and I enjoyed mine for about 45 minutes. After I took it off, and tissued the excess formula, my skin felt soft and smooth, and my jawline definitely looked rather taught!

Magicstripes Lifting Collagen Masks cost £39 for a pack of five, and are available from Harvey Nichols



It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I’m always trying to find the newest, most unusual products. And I think I may have just about outdone myself with Magicstripes. Basically, if you suffer from heavy or droopy eyelids, you need to check these transparent silicon strips out!

Magicstripes 2

Magicstripes come in two sizes – small and medium, and if you’ve not tried them out before, I would recommend grabbing both sizes, to make sure you find which size works best for you. In addition to working with eye size, the small strips are recommended for normal, sagging eyes, whilst medium strips are best for big eyes and drooping eyelids.

Magicstripes 1

Despite looking quite complicated to use, the strips are super easy to get the hang of! Before applying, it’s best to prime your eyelids by removing any oils. To do this, I swipe the lids with a toner-soaked cotton pad, then I pat the area dry. Afterwards, you just peel off one of the strips and position it directly in the crease of the eye. The strips have adhesive which then sticks to the lid, and the magic happens!

magic stripes how to apply-2

What I find incredible, is how subtle Magicstripes are. They feel almost weightless whilst on, and they make you look so well rested and alert. Thankfully, droopy eyelids are too much of a problem for me, but some members of my family (who, of course shall remain nameless) have become absolutely addicted to using them!

magic stripes before and after young

Magicstripes are priced at £18 for 64 strips, and you can find them at Harvey Nichols

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