Mark Hill Blow Out! Moroccan Argan Oil Medium Radial Brush*

Mark Hill Big Blowout Brush 1d

As I’ve said before here, there isn’t anything which makes me feel quite so glamorous as bounding out of a salon with a head of bouncy, glossy hair. When it comes to doing it myself though, I tend just to blast everything until it’s dry, then finish off with a few licks of my trusty straighteners.

Mark Hill Big Blowout Brush

When Mark Hill’s Blow Out! Moroccan Argan Oil Medium Radial Brush came through the door though, I felt I really needed to step up my blow drying game! Since I wash and style my hair daily, I’ve had a good amount of time to really get to grips with the brush, and I have to say, I’m impressed!

Mark Hill Big Blowout Brush 3

After washing and conditioning my hair as normal, I brushed through my styling products and got to work sectioning off my hair.  With the nozzle attachment on, I first concentrated on my front sections of hair, using the brush to pull hair taught whilst I made sure to blow air down the hair shaft. The brush is so lightweight it means that hair doesn’t end up snagging or tugging on the sides, and instead, hair dries quickly and smoothly.

Mark Hill Big Blowout Brush 2

I absolutely adore the brush – the bristles are far enough apart to easily de-tug and style hair,  yet they feel soft and pliable, so they don’t feel too harsh or tuggy. Mark Hill has also infused the brush with Argan Oil so that is further smoothes the hair once heat hits it. It’s absolutely genius! The size of the brush is absolutely perfect as it give the perfect amount of volume and bounce to hair, and it leaves it feeling super soft too!

Mark Hill Blow Out! Moroccan Argan Oil Medium Radial Brush is priced at £9.99 and is available here

Mark Hill Summer Loving Hair Protection Serum*

Mark Hill Summer Loving Hair Protection Serum 1

If you’re blonde, and considering spending any amount of time in the sun this summer, you need to get yourself some hair protection. Just like skin, if hair is in the sun for too long without any sort of barrier, the UVA and UVB works to strip it, leaving you with dried out ends and brassy colour. Couple this with getting chlorine on it, and summer can literally kill your ends!

Mark Hill Summer Loving Hair Protection Serum

My colorist always says, “well you wouldn’t wash a cashmere sweater in bleach” and it’s so true for hair! Since I highlight and heat style mine, it can get super sensitized, so I’m always looking for products to help everything stay healthy and shiny. Mark Hill’s Summer Loving Hair Protection Serum stops hair from frizzing up the moment it gets humid, and it protects hair from harmful rays. On a day to day basis, I use a couple of drops on wet ends pre-styling, but if I’m heading out in the sun, I add a couple of drops after I’m dried and styled, to make sure my hair stays healthy. The serum has a lovely light, almost fruity fragrance, and it leaves my hair shiny and soft.

The serum costs £6.49 and is available from Boots.

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