Magicstripes Lifting Collagen Mask*


I just adore when something completely new and out of the ordinary comes through the door, and the Magicstripes brand is really coming up with some of my favourite innovative products. In addition to their iconic strips which completely open up eyes (you can read my review here) they have just brought out these awesome Lifting Collagen Masks which are really like nothing I’ve seen before!


Packaged in individual sachets are the masks which feel a bit like a gooey cloth chin sling. There’s no getting around the fact that they are hilarious looking! As funny as they are, the design means that the mask targets the lower jaw area, tightening everything up and giving you a refreshed look. The cloth of the mask has been infused with a cocktail of collagen, caffeine, vitamin C, vitamin E, macadamia nut oil and water, which helps to visibly lift, form and tighten the skin of the lower part of the face. The Lifting Collagen Mask is perfect to use before a big event, and to use, I just apply after cleansing. It feels gorgeously cool and refreshing to apply, and once I’d popped it on, I all but forgot about it. It’s best to leave the mask on for as long as possible, and I enjoyed mine for about 45 minutes. After I took it off, and tissued the excess formula, my skin felt soft and smooth, and my jawline definitely looked rather taught!

Magicstripes Lifting Collagen Masks cost £39 for a pack of five, and are available from Harvey Nichols

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer*

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer*

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a product which is hailed as a miracle worker throughout magazines and blogs. A look at the box shows its been awarded beauty prizes by Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle – two publications which know what they’re talking about! So I was super excited to try this miracle product.

Unlike a regular conditioning treatment, this goes on before you shampoo, and it is left on for 1/2 hour. To deal with the unavoidable spills a cute little branded shower cap is included in the box.

I do always find this pre-shampoo treatment idea a little bit of a hassle – but made the most of it by applying a face mask at the same time and had a little home-spa-thing going on.

So, after shampooing and conditioning with my regular products (Kerestase shampoo and Frederik Fekkai conditioner) my hair did feel super smooth.

The only negative I would say came when I came to blow dry my hair – it took forever. However, once I did manage to get it dry, my hair was super sleek and looked as if I had straightened it.

What I like about this is, not only does it work in repairing the damage already done, but also helps in the prevention of damage – smooth hair equals no straighteners for me.

Would I buy the Elasticizer once this tub runs out? Yep, I think I would. I’m a sucker for hair treatments, and this is one which certainly works!

150ml jar is priced at £30 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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