MoroccanOil Cleansing Bar*

MoroccanOil Cleansing Bar

I feel like as the nights get darker earlier, I’m spending way more of my time hiding out in my bathroom, indulging in bubble baths and showers, and just generally keeping toasty. But, since hot water can be drying to skin, I’ve been being super careful to only use the most nurturing of products. One of my favourites has been MoroccanOil’s gorgeous new Cleansing Bar.

MoroccanOil Cleansing Bar 1

Packaged up in a box and tissue paper, it’s got to be one of the most indulgent soaps I’ve ever come across! I just love how chunky the block is, and it’s a complete dream to use! Scented with MoroccanOil’s signature fragrance (a firm favourite with anyone I’ve ever come across) the Cleansing Bar is more than your average soap!

MoroccanOil Cleansing Bar 2

Much like it’s haircare counterparts, the MoroccanOil Cleansing Bar is packed full of skin-friendsly ingredients including  antioxidant-rich argan oil and shea butter to fully hydrate skin at the same time as cleansing. I can’t even tell you how rich the foam is from the soap – but it feels so nourishing to use! My skin absolutely loves it too – the Cleansing Bar is perfect if you’re currently suffering from autumn-induced dry skin, and it’s just such a treat to use!

The MoroccanOil Cleansing Bar is priced at £10.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

MoroccanOil Hand Cream*

MoroccanOil Hand Cream

This winter one of my resolutions is to keep my hands in as good condition as possible. Since I’m someone that tends to mindlessly fiddle with my nails and cuticles and I live in Scotland, which means cold temperatures from now until approximately June, it is harder than you would think to keep everything hydrated. Coupled with the fact I’m absolutely loving super-dark polishes, keeping my hands looking groomed is a serious task!

MoroccanOil Hand Cream 2

One of the main things I’ve been doing is making sure that my hands are staying as hydrated as possible. As well as feeling a hundred times softer and smoother, keeping cuticles soft means that they don’t tend to peel or tear, meaning my manicures so much better! So, to keep looking and feeling tip top, my hand cream of choice has been MoroccanOil’s offering.

MoroccanOil Hand Cream 1

After falling in love with their body butter (see here) I knew their body products wouldn’t disappoint, and the Hand Cream is no different! It has a lovely rich consistency, which just melts into my rather parched digits. Packed with the brand’s signature argan and avocado oils, the cream instantly soaks into skin without leaving any sort of film, leaving behind the softest skin and a subtle scent.

MoroccanOil Hand Cream 3

I can’t even begin to describe the improvement I’ve had since I’ve been keeping the MoroccanOil Hand Cream near me! My nails are growing, and I don’t have angry red cuticles to sit and pick at any more! Instead my skin just feels silky smooth, and I’ve been making sure that I carry my trusty tube everywhere with me to make sure that I’m never caught with dried out hands. After washing my hands, or using sanitiser, I make sure to use a quick squeeze, and every evening, before bed I give my hands a generous coating.

MoroccanOil Hand Cream is priced at £20.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

MoroccanOil Fleur de Rose Body Butter*

MoroccanOil Fleur de Rose Body Butter

Monday’s are never the best day of the week, so I thought it would be nice to share what has to be one of the most luxurious products I’ve tried recently – MoroccanOil’s Fleur de Rose Body Butter.

MoroccanOil Fleur de Rose Body Butte 1

Up until pretty recently, I had no idea that MoroccanOil made body products – I though that they were exclusively a haircare brand, but I’m absolutely in love with their gorgeous Fleur de Rose Body Butter. It’s packaged in a seriously luxe acetate tub, and it has to be one of the most indulgent body creams I’ve ever tried!

MoroccanOil Fleur de Rose Body Butte 2

Unlike a lot of body butters I’ve tried, which feel like slightly thicker body lotions, MoroccanOil’s offering is incredibly thick and nourishing, so you only need a finger full when you’re using it. The formula is enriched with argan oil with shea, cocoa and mango butters meaning that it’s just perfect for combatting dry skin throughout winter, and I can’t tell you how soft and smooth my skin feels after I’ve applied it!

MoroccanOil Fleur de Rose Body Butte 3

Even though the Body Butter is incredibly rich, my skin completely drinks it up, and any dry skin completely disappears after a single use of the moisturiser! I’ve been using it every evening, as it feels completely dreamy to apply, and I find the delicate rose scent incredibly relaxing. I have been completely blown away with how great MoroccanOil’s body butter is, and I can’t wait to try more from the range!

MoroccanOil’s Fleur de Rose Body Butter is priced at £45.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

MoroccanOil Light Treatment Oil*

MoroccanOil Light Treatment Oil

There are a lot of positives about being blonde – it suits my skin way better than my naturally mousey brown, I like feeling sun kissed year round, and we maybe have more fun? But the one drawback has to be the upkeep. I’m not sure I realised quite what I was getting into when I started getting highlights, but my quest for light hair has been pretty much an obsession ever since – I’ve flown into New York to see the world’s best colourist (Kyle White at Oscar Blandi if you’re wondering, he’s a genius!) and I would go completely platinum if I thought I could pull it off!

MoroccanOil Light Treatment Oi 2

As fun as being a blonde is, keeping my hair in good condition is a daily struggle. Since I have naturally wavy hair, not only do I bleach it, but I heat style it daily too! It’s the perfect recipe for fried ends and dull locks. So, in my pursuit of shine and bounce I’ve been using MoroccanOil’s incredible Light Treatment Oil.

MoroccanOil Light Treatment Oi 1

Since you’re reading a beauty blog, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ve heard of MoroccanOil. It was the first brand to really harness the power of hair oils, and it’s been declared a must-have ever since. But, since I have blonde hair, I am super wary about the kinds of oil I use. Some can be way too heavy, and even pure Argan Oil can leave light hair looking brassy. That’s where MoroccanOil’s Light Treatment oil comes in. It has been designed for fine or light coloured hair, yet still delivers the same amount of nourishment as the original formulation, but without overpowering hair.  Packaged in the iconic MoroccanOil brown glass bottle, you can choose whether you want to pour the oil directly, or use the pump provided. Since I tend to be a bit on the klutzy side, I’ve opted for the pump.

I tend to apply a few pumps of the MoroccanOil Light Treatment Oil through the lengths and ends of my hair at night, then gather everything up into a topknot and head to bed. The light formula of the oil really helps to restore my hair’s shine overnight, and after washing it in the morning, my hair feels smoother and stronger than before. You can even use the oil as a styling treatment if you’re after super sleek hair – just apply a couple of drops through lengths and ends while the hair is wet, and then style like usual. My hair absolutely adores the stuff, and I do too! The scent of the Light Treatment Oil is really beautiful, and I feel like I’m in a fancy salon every time I use it!

MoroccanOil Light Treatment Oil is priced at £31.85 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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