Ojon Rare Blend Tamer Wand*

Ojon Rare Blend Tamer Wand_

So I’ve just heard that Edinburgh has to expect 100mph+ winds over tomorrow and Friday. So, as you can imagine, ponytails will be my hair style of choice over the next few days to keep me looking like I’ve been dragged through a bush!

Ojon Rare Blend Tamer Wand_-2

So, even though the weather might be monstrous, I’m not too bothered, as I have Ojon’s new Rare Blend Tamer Wand in my arsenal. Basically packaged like an oversize mascara, the Tamer Wand is an incredibly easy and convenient way to tame frizz, flyaways and baby hairs. Even though the brush is designed specifically for hair, I’ve also been using it as a clear brow gel – it keeps my brows in place as well as providing a conditioning treatment for them.

Ojon Rare Blend Tamer Wand_-3

I tend to use the Tamer most when my hair is up in a ponytail. After I throw it up, I lightly dust my crown using the wand. Even though the formula contains Ojon’s Rare Blend Oil, it’s not too thick or greasy to use at my roots. Instead, it just seems to tidy everything up, giving delicate hairs some shine and protection. Once I’m done I also just comb the wand through the very ends of my pony. The Tamer seals split ends, and the formula provides a little hold, meaning I can look presentable, no matter how windy it gets!

The Ojon Rare Blend Tamer is priced at £12.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment*

Ojon Damage Reverse Hair Treatment

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say my hair tends to get dry in the summer. I’m not sure whether it’s the heat, the sun, or all the ponytails, but whenever high-summer strikes I tend to notice my poor split ends.

Ojon Damage Reverse Hair Treatment-2

In my efforts to keep everything as shiny and healthy as possible, once a week I’ve been reaching for Ojon’s Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment. It comes in the dinkiest of tubs, and when at room temperature it looks pretty solid. When you scrape a little into your fingertips it liquifies with your body heat (think coconut oil), and you can press it into your ends. My poor tresses absolutely drink it up, and I like to leave it on for at least 30 minutes although if I have a tone of things to do in the house, I whack it on and leave it for a couple of hours.

The Ojon oil in the formula has been called ‘nature’s golden elixir’ and it has incredible hydrating properties. This, coupled with moisturizing lipids in the mixture mean its an incredible salon-worthy treatment for your hair. You can also apply a little heat from a hairdryer for an even deeper treatment! When applied it does smell quite deep and smoky, but its not too overpowering, and if it gets a little too much, I can just pop a shower cap over it, and the scent disappears once I was my hair.

It’s such a handy little tub, and it lasts and lasts, giving my super soft ends.

The treatment costs £18.00 and is available from Boots and here for US readers

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