Sisley Gentle Buffing Facial Cream

Sisley Gentle Buffing Facial Cream

Sisley is one of those brands I can’t help but love. Everything about them, from the packaging, to the products themselves, just feels so wonderfully chic and luxurious. The Gentle Buffing Facial Cream is no different.

Sisley Gentle Buffing Facial Cream 1

I first read about the Gentle Facial Buffing Cream about a year ago in a US magazine. The article warned that after this one, no other exfoliator would do. I scoffed a little, wondering what could be so different about a buffing cream, then moved on to something else.

Sisley Gentle Buffing Facial Cream 2

But something happened when I was at the Sisley counter – I couldn’t get the article out of my head, and I just had to try it, even just prove something to myself. Well, I have to tell you something – this one’s a game changer!

Sisley Gentle Buffing Facial Cream 4

As someone with sensitive skin, I do have to be careful when exfoliating. Too little leaves my skin looking completely dry and blah, too much, it’s sensitised and pink. Neither option is exactly ideal, but thankfully, Sisley’s Gentle Buffing Facial Cream is just perfection. After cleansing my skin, on slightly damp skin, I apply a little of the mask all over myself, much like a regular clay mask.

Sisley Gentle Buffing Facial Cream 3

The scent is pleasingly light and soapy-smelling, and it just takes five minutes for the mask to dry out and slightly harden. Then, standing over the sink, I take my fingers and sweep them over my skin in an upwards motion. The Gentle Buffing Cream just kind of crumbles away, taking the dead skin with it. I cannot even begin to tell you how soft my skin feels after I use it, and it never feels too dried out or tight after using it. Instead my face feels truly refreshed, and my makeup applies like a dream!

Sisley Gentle Buffing Facial Cream is priced at £49.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Sisley Super Stick Solaire SPF30*

Sisley Super Stick Solaire Suncreen

For as far as I can remember, I’ve had pretty sensitive skin. On a day to day basis, it’s not a big deal, I just need to be careful with the products I use, but it gets a bit trickier in the summer when I need to introduce a sunscreen into my skincare regime. In the past I’ve not had the best experience with even the gentlest of sunscreens – I’ve had rashes, burning sensations and breakouts. Thankfully though, Sisley have come to the rescue with their incredible Super Stick Solaire SPF30.

Sisley Super Stick Solaire Suncreen 1

Since I know I can (and do) rely on Sisley for a tonne of my skincare needs (I adore their Botanical Restorative cream) I thought I would give their sunscreen a whirl. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did! Sisley Super Stick Solaire comes in either tinted or colourless options, and since it was my first foray I opted for the latter. As if providing gentle protection wasn’t enough, the sunscreen’s formula contains Vitamin E to protects against free radicals and reinforces the skin’s natural defences whilst Camelia oil, Shea and Mango butters hydrate and nourish.

Sisley Super Stick Solaire Suncreen 2

Packaged in a chic and easy to use screw up tube, the Super Stick Solaire feels a little like an overgrown lip balm. To apply, I simply slick the formula over my cheekbones, nose and forehead and blend in. I love the soft texture of the sunscreen, and it disappears immediately – there is no ghostly white cast, and it doesn’t feel heavy or tacky to the touch. Instead it leaves my skin feeling soft, with a flattering matte finish. The stick applicator means that reapplying the sunscreen is a cinch, and I can easily pop it in my beach bag!

Sisley Super Stick Solaire SPF30 is also available in a tinted formula, and is priced at £69.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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