O’Right Tea Tree Shampoo*

O'Right Tea Tree Shampoo

I’ve been trying to insert more natural and organic products in my beauty routine lately in hopes of simplifying my routine and keeping every healthy and happy. When I got the chance to try O’Right’s Tea Tree Shampoo I jumped at the chance! I have, what you could call, picky hair. I highlight it and style it regularly, so it has a tendency to dry out, but if I use too many products on it, my hair can feel sticky and weighed down. Thankfully, O’Right has come to the rescue with their genius Tea Tree Shampoo.

Packaged in a super chic and simple bottle, the shampoo manages to cleanse my hair without frying my ends, and the Tea Tree in the formula looks after my scalp, and has a refreshing tingle. Once my hair is all rinsed and conditioned, it is super shiny, and stays smooth all day!

What is so incredible about the shampoo (apart for being generally awesome) is just how eco-friendly it is. The formula is made up of 96% natural and organic ingredients, and once you’re done with your bottle, you don’t even have to throw it away. Instead, O’Right have hidden a tree seed in the packaging, which means all you have to do is plant your empty container. How genius is that?!

The shampoo costs £15.75 and is available here.


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