Temple Spa Power Breakfast Scrub and Mask*


When it comes to products which multitask, I’m a fan. They appeal to my lazy side, my neat and organised side, and they’re usually fun to boot! So, when I saw Temple Spa’s Power Breakfast I had to give it a shot!


Taking inspiration from the ingredients which we should all be feasting on every morning, depending on how much time you’ve got, you can use the Power Breakfast as a one minute scrub, or a twenty minute mask. The formula is filled with great-for-skin ingredients including oats, honey, fruit and juice to gently dissolve dead skin cells, and polish and brighten skin.


The Power Breakfast has a pleasingly gloopy consistency which really lends itself to the dual use. I’ve been using it a couple of times a week, and having been absolutely loving the results! During the week I tend to use it as a scrub – the oatmeal gives a gentle but thorough exfoliation, whilst at the weekend, I leave it on for around half an hour, letting my skin drink in all the goodness.


Even though my skin can be very delicate, I absolutely love Power Breakfast. It’s perfect for clearing and decongesting skin, and leaving it with a really healthy, natural glow.

Power Breakfast is priced at £25 and is available here.

Temple Spa Skin Truffle*

Temple Spa Skin Truffle

From the the name of my blog, it’s not hard to guess that I like a bit of luxury. If something is new, different or even a bit hard to get hold of, I usually like it, so when I heard about Temple Spa’s Skin Truffle I just knew I had to try it!

Temple Spa Skin Truffle 1

Packaged in a beautiful copper jar which comes encased in a jewellery case-like box, Skin Truffle is like no other moisturiser I’ve come across! The reviews of the cream are amazing, and the ingredients list reads like the definition of luxury – Skin Truffle contains gold and silk actives, diamond powder and even black truffles!

Temple Spa Skin Truffle 2

If you look closely at the cream, you can see the tiniest hint of sparkle, which just looks divine! The cream itself is the prettiest champagne colour, and it has a lovely, almost whipped texture which just melts into freshly cleansed skin. Even though the cream itself feels quite rich to apply (you only need a little per application) it absorbs into skin incredibly easily, leaving you which a fresh feel glow which is just the perfect base for applying makeup. It also completely eradicates any signs of dryness or tightness which I sometimes feel after cleansing. I have to say, Skin Truffle is an absolute joy to use, and it feels like a lovely little luxury every morning!

Skin Truffle is priced at £85 and is available here.

Temple Spa Glint Shadow Concealer*

Temple Spa Glint Shadow Concealer

For fresh looking summer skin, I love looking like I don’t have makeup on. Honestly though, my ‘no makeup’ looks usually involve 101 products, and tend to take longer than if I’m going for something a little more ‘made up.’ Thankfully though, Temple Spa has really let me multitask with their genius Glint Shadow Concealer.

Temple Spa Glint Shadow Concealer 1

Packaged in an always easy to find chancy silver tube, I only need a click or two of the concealer to banish any hint of shadows or tiredness. After I’ve moisturised and applied a light layer of base (usually a tinted moisturiser at this kind of year) I then swipe the Glint under my eyes, on the top of my nose, and around my nostrils. Glint easily takes care of any shadows or redness that I want to get rid of.

Temple Spa Glint Shadow Concealer 2

The formula is perfectly light, and absolutely disappears into my skin when applied. There isn’t a hint of caginess or dryness once the concealer settles, instead it gives skin a subtle radiance, which is absolutely perfect for a gorgeous easy look. The portable nature of the pen means it’s also perfect for touchups, since you just need to pop it into your makeup bag!

Temple Spa Glint Shadow Concealer is priced at £25 and is available here.

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