Yogandha Relax Body Oil*

Yogandha Relax Body Oil

For me, Sundays are all about relaxation. I like to get myself sorted for the week ahead – any work I have to do gets done, I spend a couple of hours at the gym, working out and enjoying the steam rooms and sauna, and when I get home I treat myself to the most luxurious of bubble baths, face packs and hair masks.It’s a nice way to end my week and prepare for the new one, and one of my newest additions to my relaxation ritual is Yogandha’s beautiful Relax Body Oil.

Yogandha Relax Body Oil 1

When I was at Harvey Nichols’ incredible yoga class (you can read about it here) I was lucky enough to meet with the founder of Yoganha Oils – the fabulous Sinead Duffy. Getting to chat to her about her love and passion for the brand was seriously inspiring – her enthusiasm was infectious, and I just loved the way she encouraged everyone to really tune into their bodies, and see what fragrance blend most appealed. For me, it was the Relax Oil, a blend of lavender and vetiver oils which are just heavenly.

Yogandha Relax Body Oil 3

Talking to Sinead was incredibly interesting, and the amount of effort she has put into Yogandha is truly admirable. Absolutely every element of the product has been carefully thought out – even the cardboard box the oils come in is an origami-esque work of art, designed by her neighbour, it’s glue free so it’s compostable too.

Yogandha Relax Body Oil 2

The Relax Body Oil really is just a delight to use. I tend to reach for it after my evening shower, as it feels so nourishing on the skin, and the mix of lavender and vetiver is just incredibly calming. To reap as much benefit from the scent as possible, I concentrate on applying it to my arms and chest, and it just sinks into skin, leaving skin moisturised and smelling divine. When I was talking to Sinead, she told me all about how her oils are all natural, so the beneficial properties of the oils are absorbed into the skin, so it does your body real good!

Yogandha Body Oils are priced at £25.00 and they are available from Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols Edinburgh Sunset Yoga with Lululemon and Yogandha Oils*

Harvey Nichols Yoga Event 1

I don’t think Mondays are anyone’s favourite day of the week, but last night Harvey Nichols Edinburgh made it my favourite day of the week with a special Sunset Yoga lesson which was hosted by Lululemon and Yogandha Oils.

Harvey Nichols Yoga Event 2

I’m by no means a yogi, but it’s something that I’ve been wanting to try out, so the opportunity to give it a go in undoubtedly the most glamorous ‘studio’ in Edinburgh was too good to resist! Not only was the evening a chance to enjoy a relaxing session led by Lululemon’s Demelza, but also to meet Sinead the wonderful founder of Yogandha Oils  as well as getting to play with some of her incredible products.

Harvey Nichols Yoga Event 3

After swatching a number of Yogandha’s gorgeous oils, we got started with the yoga class. To make room for everyone, Harvey Nichols had shut down the entire restaurant and brasserie, meaning that instead of looking into regular studio mirrors, we got to look at the sun set over Edinburgh. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Harvey Nichols Yoga Event 4

As we transitioned between downward facing dogs and warrior poses, the sky became dark, and Edinburgh Castle lit up. It was a completely magical backdrop to Demelza’s wonderful class which she had designed to promote relaxation and wellness.

Harvey Nichols Yoga Event 6

Taking an hour to really stretch out, relax and concentrate on something as simple as breathing was really wonderful. I definitely felt the benefits, and the fact that we got to keep our amazing Lululemon mats was so incredibly kind! I’ve already laid mine out in the study and loaded up some youtube videos so I can practice at home.

Harvey Nichols Yoga Event

After the yoga session, we got the chance to listen to Sinead Duffy, who isn’t just the mastermind behind Yogandha, but has also taught yoga for 10 years. Listening to her describe how to use aromatherapy to benefit both body and mind was truly inspiring, and her enthusiasm was completely infectious!

Yogandha Oils 1

As everyone passed round the oil rollerballs, we got to try all three blends – Grounded, Uplifted and Balanced as well as the beautiful Body Oils. Very kindly, Sinead gave me a bottle of the Relax Body Oil, so I can’t wait to give it a really good go, and of course, I’ll post a review of it so you can see it for yourself!

Yogandha Oils

Once we had finished sampling the oils, there was a selection of fruit teas and fresh juices to help us rehydrate – and pro tip – if you’re visiting the Forth Floor, check out the Pret a Porter mocktail, it’s delicious! The whole evening was such a great experience, and it really felt like it was something really special! Everyone I chatted to absolutely loved it, and I think a lot of people are hoping it becomes a regular calendar fixture!

Edinburgh Castle at Night

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, Lululemon and Yogandha Oils for last night. I had such a wonderful time, and I can’t wait to try out my new mat and oil!

Harvey Nichols Yoga Event

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